Rebel Dynamics | Rebel Dynamics
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Mechatronics (and simulation) Engineering, Industrial design
Machine manufacturing and design collective project.

[I’ll teach you differences]

Rebel Dynamics.
Is a group of technicians and engineers

[mechanicalsimulation systems]

Rebel Dynamics.
Modelling and simulation of mechanical systems.
Design and manufacturing of simulation systems.
Tailored Control Systems.

[A.I.]Artificial Intelligence]

Artificial Intelligence Project.

In cooperation with Omron,
development of applications with machine controllers
equipped with A.I. algorithms and dedicated to industrial production.



Application in:
-Pick & Place
-Process Control
-Robot Control
-Unmanned Ground drone.


Development of control algorithms based on Delta-Tau Omron motion computer. Applications in:

– Semiconductor Manufacturing: Wafer Handling, Slicing and Wire Bonding
– Aerospace: Flight Simulations, Machine Tool, Manufacturing
– Machine Tool: Mills, Lathes, Grinder, EDM, Water Jet, Turning Center Laser Cutting, Bending
– Manufacturing: Optical Grinding, Sewing, Turbine Blades

– Positioning: Telescope, Inspection, Sub-Micron, DNA Sampling, Laser

– Medical Equipment: M.R.I Machine, Laser Eye Surgery, Optical Surface Grinding
– Material Handling: Mixing, Cutting, Packaging, Conveyor Belt Synchronization
– Specialty Machinery: Robotics, LCD Manufacturing and Inspection, Printing on the Fly,

Vehicle Control, Remote Control, Large Structures (Telescopes)