Quality control system for prints and accessories developed for ENOAL capsule forming machine.
Video system for checking:
– Presence
– Quality
– Registration of prints made with hot-foil technology and accessories made in the machine.
The project involves the use of a GigE Poe type DALSA Vision color camera Genie Nano C4024.
The software allows the image processing through MVTech Merlic, it allows the application of filters, the creation of ROI and the attribution of scores to the various acquisitions according to “customizable” criteria.
The continuous storage of data collected by the video system will be the basis for the development of deep learning strategies that will allow the machine to autonomously manage the process based on the information it has acquired.


Requirements: Visual recognition systems, machine learning, advanced robotics, multidisciplinary machine
Partner: Enoplastic-Correlance
Milestones: 2020: kick-off.

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