<!- Modelling and simulation of mechanical systems.
Design and manufacturing of simulation systems.
Custom-made Control Systems.
Digital twin as a tool for the development of high performances devices. ->



<!- Development of applications with machine controllers equipped with A.I. algorithms and dedicated to industrial production. ->



<!- Applications in:

– Pick & Place
– Process Control
– Robot Control ->


[Optical Quantum Computing]

<!– This project relates to a parallel optical quantum computing system.
This project also relates to a parallel optical quantum computing. –>



<!- Rebel Dynamics ® is a spin-off both of university of Pavia and of Todema, dedicated to high-level technological research.
The company works in the industrial and academic fields on robotic systems and parallel kinematic simulation (PKMs).
The core business is the development of algorithms for advanced control systems, machine learning, digital twins and quantum computing. ->