[AVA: Session 0]

<!- The project will be developed aiming at obtaining a management of the finished product, its canning and location inside the warehouse in a robotic way.
Since the completion of the forming process, the capsule will be managed in the boxing phase by automated mechanisms and will be accompanied through the use of a cooperating fleet of intelligent robots in the appropriate spaces set up for the goods.

Requirements: Application of AI algorithms, development of ML strategy in a production environment, autonomous robotic systems
Partner: Enoplastic
Milestones: kick off: kick off: second half of 2020 ->


[Delta Tau]

<!- Development of robots based on direct and inverse kinematic control, automotive simulators and packaging machines based on Delta Tau technology, a world leader in motion control. Particular reference as regards their applications related to special machinery, such as LCD control and positioning. ->



<!- Creation of a robotic system (hand) with neural control. Development of neural networks and algorithms of machine learning for the optimization of control systems in robotics and automatic systems.

Requirements: Dedicated hardware, man-machine interface on a neural basis, advanced robotics, biomechanics
Partner: Correlance
Milestones kick off: second part of 2020 ->



<!- The project concerns the development of an automatic device capable of picking, from each specific package (normally blister packs), single doses of the prescribed drugs, and collecting them in a bag, in order to prepare the set of medicines needed for the treatment of every patient of the hospital. Indeed, this is the new frontier of integrated management of drugs in the hospitals, thanks to automated pharmacies, able to autonomously handle the preparation of therapies to be provided to patients, reducing the risk of mistakes and carefully monitoring the entire administration chain, in accordance with advanced logistics criteria.

Requirement: Visual recognition systems, machine learning, advanced robotics, multidisciplinary machine
Partner: Deenova
Milestones: 2018: kick-off; 2019, machine in production at Deenova premises. ->